Discover the real soul of surfing by building and surfing your own wood surfboard. . .Here are complete wooden Power surfboard plans which you can buy using the handy paypal button, and we will email you the link.
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olo pictures
Power Fish 6'
Island Rocket 7'9"
Phantom 8'4"
Dragonboard 13'9"
Future Primitive 12'
Olo 17 feet
Kneeboard spoon
kneeboard spoon pictures
What people are saying

Hi Roy,  Thanks so much.  I can not wait.  The beaches should get less crowded   about the time I hope to finish and the surf should be much better than too. I knew you were the right guy to go too.You seem to have good soul and you great for the surfing. Thanks again, Greg

Hi Do you have any more of the kits available??
already thinking about making a second board. Charlie

Thanks Roy -  Im gonna post my progress in a thread on msw for all to see!!!
Thanks for the help mate, Mark

Hi Roy,
Hope all is good in NZ - I am on my 3rd coat of resin
at the moment - looking good - I am now rubbing down
the coats with wet and dry - gonna do about 6/7 coats
maybe. Anyway I have done the fins and have a leash
plug - I have updated my progress over on msw and tree to sea
forums - on msw someone has asked the basic principles
of the parallel profile design  - what are its
benifits etc - I should really know this but I wanted
to get it right so if you could let me kow Roy that
would be great. Many thanks Mark

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