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Welcome to Roy Stewart surfboards

At Roy Stewart surfboards we strive for perfection in everything we do. With the most hydrodynamically advanced surfboards ever built, Roy Stewart is redefining the luxury surfboard market.

Each model has a personality of its own, but all share the same powerful presence. When a Roy Stewart surfboard glides by the world stands still.

There is a unique design DNA which makes a Roy Stewart surfboard instantly recognisable. The parallel profile and low thickness to length ratios give the shapes a low to the water dynamic which delivers outstanding surfability.

An aristocrat of surfing

Roy Stewart's colossal artistic personality, design genius and unflinching commitment to universal hydrodynamic principles are applied relentlessly in his quest for Pure Surfing. He has the courage to question and distill the spirit of surfing and understand it as the source of his work. "What is essential to surfing?" is a question he asks himself constantly. Flight, maximum speed, an aspiration to perfect efficiency, and unity with the energy of the wave is what his work pursues.

Roy Stewart surfboards are beautiful because they are true organic works, whose purpose, appearance, structure, material, method of construction, performance and even symbolic potential are tightly woven into a cohesive but infinitely flexible whole, conceived after great analytical and synthetic effort of the imagination in an attempt to create as nature does.

Elegance defined

Elegance defines Roy Stewart surfboards: a low thickness to length ratio via the innovative parallel profile for optimum flex; the use of foil sections for templates; considerable area with significant rocker forward creating an optimum configuration for early planing; a narrow tail for maximum control and rail to rail ease which works mostly in displacement supplemented by the efficiently generated lift from the fins in a brilliant balance of the best of many worlds; the tunnel fin as a slave foil lifting smoothly as needed without resisting roll with the deep elliptical fins generating upward lift when canted to the horizon. It is nourishing to see his true dynamic, three dimensional understanding of the elements involved in wave riding.

The essence of surfing

Being one with the wave is the essence of olo surfing, and it is heir to Duke Kahanamoku's spirit. The purity of Roy Stewart's surfboards is unsettling. The spirit behind them is even more so. His boards caused a stir in Hawaii not only by being the most expensive surfboards in the world, but also by expressing surfing's lost vital essence, the one which the great Duke valued more highly than his olympic gold medals.



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Ghost is a testament to Roy Stewart's aesthetic of sleek geometricised volume, sinuous lines and elongated proportions, creating a lithe, teardrop shaped whole.

Powerful presence

Ghost is the essence of surfing in its purest form. Every inch delivers on the power of simplicity.

Ghost claims its birthright of performance with a flexible "teardrop" central fuselage driving the legendary Spitfire fin, striking the perfect balance between high speed and high design.



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Duke embodies a transformation of traditional style, in which imagination collaborates with memory in order to distill essentials.

Simplicity defined

Simplicity is the hardest design principle to follow. It's at the heart of Roy Stewart's approach to Duke. Duke looks natural, not styled. Its powerful presence leaves no doubt that it's cut from the same cloth as the rest of the marque.



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An intricate linkage of over 400 small component parts, Makaha's graceful structure has a delicacy which belies its mass and power, revealing the velocity and weightlessness of its flight.

State of the art

Nothing should distract from the pleasure of riding Makaha. Nothing does. It is a simple pleasure, offering a seemingly endless surge of power.




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Baron's distinctive military 'Art Brut' tangential lines and voluptuous curvilinear forms are a classic example of artistic form  following functional purpose.

Effortlessly dynamic

The sporting credentials of Baron are evident at first glance - the powerful low slung profile gives an instant impression of strength. The purposeful look is made more powerful by the 8 inch tunnel fin and substantial width.



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Chieftain expresses victory of the spirit and imagination over the mundane and reasonable, and as such is eminently representative of Roy Stewart's idiosyncratic success.

Inspired design

Designed without compromise, Chieftain is the result of complete creative freedom. Created with a desire to make the best surfboard in the world, Chieftain combines it's unique and compelling presence with design cues which are unmistakably Roy Stewart.



Laird may well be called the universal surfboard, and is going to hurt some people's feelings. Laird's straightforward honesty and pure utility is the direct opposite to the aims of the manufacturing hucksters who have tried to make people think that they cannot surf without convoluted shapes designed to cheat some rule which never existed.

Hydrodynamic purity

When designing a surfboard capable of speeds in excess of 40mph , hydrodynamic integrity is crucial. An average longboard muscles its way through the water, covered in hardware. A much more elegant approach was taken with Laird. Hydrodynamics informed every aspect of the design.



Olo of the Sun is pervasive in its power, blazing with its message of vitality, life force and the unlimited energy that is within us waiting to be used and expressed. Olo of the Sun gives strength and positive radiant energy which brings happiness and joy.

J class legacy

Inspired by J Class yachts and the wooden olo surfboards of the ancient Hawaiian Kings, Olo of the Sun captures the essence of adventure of the 1930s. Its unique long low profile combined with flowing lines and elegant proportions, gives a sense of spirit and momentum even at rest.